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In my first term on the school board, we experienced – and overcame – unprecedented challenges.


  • All Bremerton students are now enrolled in the CEP Program (Community Eligibility Provision), allowing all Bremerton enrolled students to receive meals at no charge.

  • After implementing Breakfast After the Bell at Armin Jahr Elementary, their breakfast participation increased by over 60% in one year. Armin Jahr continues to serve almost 100% of students breakfast in their classrooms.

  • Students who identify as Asian, Black, or Two+ Races had on-time graduation rates higher than the district average.

  • We instituted a new absence management program (Red Rover).

  • We developed socio emotional deans and coaches (4) across the district to support restoring harm.

  • We adopted a new math curriculum at Bremerton High School.

  • We added new literacy specialists across the district, focused on improving literacy instruction.

  • 82% of elementary students report having supportive relationships in school.

  • 80% of secondary students report having supportive relationships in school.

  • Students that qualify for SPED Services or F/R Lunches have higher rates of Regular Daily Attendance than the district average.

  • 14 students demonstrated proficiency in English on the annual assessment of English Language Progress (WIDA), up from 5 students the previous year.

  • We have expanded summer learning opportunities, doubling the amount of students accessing, attending, and continuing their education during the months of June, July, and August (234 students to 476 students).


  • A focus on multi-tiered systems of supports led to ALL financial audits being passed by the State.

  • We implemented wi-fi hotspots to students and families that do not have internet at home.

  • We upgraded surveillance systems and radios throughout the district.

  • We implemented Gaggle tele-therapy for staff to address various behavioral challenges.

  • We implemented a bus tracking system.

  • We implemented a new bus pass system this last school year.

  • We completed $4.1 million of upgrades to our security system.


  • Long Range Facilities Plan was completed with community input.

  • We passed a capital levy for $20 million to build the sports complex at the middle school.



  • When schools closed at the start of the pandemic, we partnered with Transportation and delivered meals to bus stops for families to access easily. We only missed 1 day of service to students.

  • We accessed every waiver the USDA made possible to ensure Bremerton Students were fed.

  • We had all folks employed at Bremerton come out and help put meals together or ride buses to hand out the meals.

  • No staff were laid off during the pandemic.

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